Independent Certified Personal Trainers

Here is where you’ll find one of your greatest resources in your training arsenal – Independent Certified Personal Trainers. Check out their bios, see who you might like, and reach out to them to set up a consultation. Your fit body awaits!

Tracy Yost

Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer and Coach, or a professional of any type for that matter, I believe it’s important to share why the work is important to you. For me, training and coaching is a means to make an impact by helping people gain control of their physical and psychological health. Nothing is more motivating to me than knowing that, through training and coaching, I’ve helped someone improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, etc.

I began learning about the critical role Health and Wellness plays in Leadership while
working as a Civil Rights Investigator, Probation Officer and Violent Crime Advocate. All of which required me to be at my best, when those I was leading and serving were
seemingly at their worst. I understand the importance of leading from a place of vitality,
strength and compassion. You must take care of yourself in order to lead well. Whether you
work from home or you are a CEO, you are a leader. And to lead as we desire, we must be of sound body and mind.

My experience allows me to lead others through change and adversity. I previously Coached within large Health system serving an employee population at diverse stages of wellness development. As a result of my combined experience, I’m skilled in meeting people where they are…to make the changes they want.

I am a Personal Trainer and a Nationally certified Wellness Coach from
WellCoaches. This combination produces results to reach optimal health, energy and performance. Personal Training and Wellness Coaching together allows you to change your life. My wellness journey has taught me so much. I am a former Collegiate athlete and former Fitness Competitor. I’ve been in and out of shape and explored many approaches to nutrition and movement and love sharing what I have learned to help others find what will work for them!

Partnering with a Coach helps navigate the uncertainty and resistance that often arises when making changes. My approach includes the tools needed to navigate change. We are going to have fun while making these changes! If you’re looking for something different, then work with me.

Natasha Brandenburg

Personal Trainer

``I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified trainer and have been training for over a year now accumulating over 300+ hours of training. I specialize in strength training, circuit training, and high intensity interval training. I’ve worked with a multitude of clients, however, mostly consisting of a military personnel demographic. I’ve taught a circuit/hiit training class that was progressive and regressive to each individual’s needs. Currently, I am pursuing further education to obtain my Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition Coach certifications.

As a trainer, my goal is to help as many people as I can to find their inner drive, motivate and inspire each person, and show them just how rewarding it is to invest in yourself both physically and mentally! Any goal of yours is a goal I’d like to help you reach!``

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Call or text: 260.310.3808

Taylor Pufahl

Personal Trainer/Strength Training Coach

``I am an NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers) certified personal trainer. I came into this field after a long history and passion for all things fitness. I am able and excited to help anyone of any age in achieving a healthier and stronger body. My philosophy to achieve this is through compound movements. Whether your a 16 year old football player or a retiree, the same tools and principles apply. The barbell is for everyone, young and old and there is no reason to be afraid of it assuming one has proper coaching in performing these movements safely and efficiently. Any fitness goal should start with a focus on health and the rest will follow.

I specialize in strength training, coaching proper and efficient motor patterns as well as programming.``

45 minute and hour long sessions are available.

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Phone number - 2607502736
Email -

Michelle Conrad

Personal Trainer

My passion lies in helping my clients see what their bodies can accomplish. I do this by building their confidence and knowledge while we work on meeting their goals together.

I’m honored to say my clients range in fitness abilities and levels from ages 13 to 79. Because of the varied levels, I enjoy training with different modalities. These vary from dumbells, barbells, TRX, and sandbags, amongst others.

I believe in listening to your body. Some days are meant for digging deep and working hard, other days, gentle motion and stretching. Some days it will be a combination, depending on the client. When you love your body and care for it properly, it will reward you with amazing things!

``What a disgrace it is for a man
to grow old without ever seeing
the beauty and strength of which
his body is capable.``

I offer nutritional guidance and personal training in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

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NASM Certified
Call/text 260.450.3638

Linda Thieme

Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications:

*. American Council of Exercise (ACE Cert)
*. Brown Mackie College (Health & Fitness Cert)
*. ACE Yoga Cert
*. ACE Pilates Cert
*. FitAqua Water Aerobics Cert


* Yoga
*. Pilates
*. Nutrition & Weight Loss Management
*. Senior Adult Training/Silver Sneakers
*. Group Training
*. One on One Training
*. Senior Yoga


*. 9 Years Personal Training
*. 8 Years Yoga Instruction
*. 9 Years Silver Sneakers Instructor
*. 8 Years Silver Sneakers Seated Yoga Instructor


(260) 348-6879

Stac Hoard

Personal Trainer

I started my journey through Smart Fitness learning and soaking all the tools it took to be a trainer. From there my continuation kept going and making sure that I could help others that fought for change but came up short making sure through what I've learned made a difference and gave them knowledge on how to be better and live healthier. From weight lost to muscle gain and so on.....
Believing that ``You Can`` and not saying ``You Can't``.....

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Mobile 260-418-8841

Sam Jones

Personal Trainer

I am Sam Jones owner of Sam Jones Coaching. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and online coach. I have built my business on helping people change their lives through physical fitness. I lost 100 pounds before I became a coach and truly understand the impact that being healthy and strong has on a person. I am prepared to help you smash whatever goal you have, losing weight, getting stronger, moving better, we can accomplish it together. I work with everybody who’s ready to grow and change ranging from a 74 year old retiree to a 20 year old MMA fighter and everyone in between. I offer personal training sessions as well as online training and nutrition coaching.

Cell - 812-589-6222
Email -