Independent Certified Personal Trainers

Here is where you’ll find one of your greatest resources in your training arsenal – Independent Certified Personal Trainers. Check out their bios, see who you might like, and reach out to them to set up a consultation. Your fit body awaits!

Sam Jones

Personal Trainer

I am Sam Jones owner of Sam Jones Coaching. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and online coach. I have built my business on helping people change their lives through physical fitness. I lost 100 pounds before I became a coach and truly understand the impact that being healthy and strong has on a person. I am prepared to help you smash whatever goal you have, losing weight, getting stronger, moving better, we can accomplish it together. I work with everybody who’s ready to grow and change ranging from a 74 year old retiree to a 20 year old MMA fighter and everyone in between. I offer personal training sessions as well as online training and nutrition coaching.

Cell - 812-589-6222
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Katie Eden

Personal Trainer

Everyone has their story. The one thing that pushes them everyday.

Mine? Mine started with a wake-up call created by postpartum depression. I started going to the gym out of necessity for my health. Honestly? I HATED it at first. I was 80 pounds overweight and miserable trying to run the weight off….. I didn’t know any better.

Thankfully I had a trainer that was able to show me a better way. The feeling of dread and misery was soon replaced by a passion for lifting weights….and I LOVED it!

Even with that love, I still struggled with my weight going up and down, up and down on that damn scale!! So unbelievably frustrating!!!

It wasn’t until a few years into lifting weights consistently that I realized if I really honed in on my diet and made it work for MY lifestyle, that I’d KEEP the results and look I wanted.

I made sure I got the certification necessary to be able to help my clients do the same thing. Let’s be real, at the end of the day, what you put on your plate matters just as much as the work you put in at the gym and….not everyone is a robot that can eat just rice, chicken and broccoli.

So let’s make it work for you, your tastebuds and….more than likely, have some fun and laughs along the way!

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Michelle Conrad

Personal Trainer

My passion lies in helping my clients see what their bodies can accomplish. I do this by building their confidence and knowledge while we work on meeting their goals together.

I’m honored to say my clients range in fitness abilities and levels from ages 13 to 79. Because of the varied levels, I enjoy training with different modalities. These vary from dumbells, barbells, TRX, and sandbags, amongst others.

I believe in listening to your body. Some days are meant for digging deep and working hard, other days, gentle motion and stretching. Some days it will be a combination, depending on the client. When you love your body and care for it properly, it will reward you with amazing things!

``What a disgrace it is for a man
to grow old without ever seeing
the beauty and strength of which
his body is capable.``

I offer nutritional guidance and personal training in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

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NASM Certified
Call/text 260.450.3638

DeVon Causey

Personal Trainer

DeVon Causey, an entrepreneur and life-long athlete,recently adding Personal Trainer to his arsenal. DeVon’s mission is to help individuals maintain and boost their health and well-being while also helping them reach their desired aesthetic goals in body composition such as weight loss, muscle building and toning. As a certified personal trainer, he is a bodybuilding specialist. DeVon is currentlyranked #6 in the nation and is the Natural Northern USA Overall Bodybuilding Champion. DeVon recently placed 2nd in the group finals of the Muscle and FitnessMagazine’s “Mr. Health & Fitness” competition. DeVon’s message to the prospective client is do not be discouragedfrom training with him because he understands that each person has their own personal fitness goals, and he knows that not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder. However, to change yourself you need to challenge yourself. DeVon works with a wide range of clients, some of whom have rehabilitative needs resulting from auto accidents andParkinson’s disease to competitive athletes, seniors, andchildren. Personal Trainers are part scientist and part artist.DeVon’s gift as a personal trainer is not only his physique and fitness accomplishment but his ability to apply his knowledge base to help clients manifest and extract desired fitness levels to improve their quality of life. DeVon is a walking manifestation of knowledge, discipline, and diligence.

Phone number: 260-255-1544

Stac Hoard

Personal Trainer

I started my journey through Smart Fitness learning and soaking all the tools it took to be a trainer. From there my continuation kept going and making sure that I could help others that fought for change but came up short making sure through what I've learned made a difference and gave them knowledge on how to be better and live healthier. From weight lost to muscle gain and so on.....
Believing that ``You Can`` and not saying ``You Can't``.....

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Taylor Pufahl

Personal Trainer

My name is Taylor Pufahl and I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have been helping Fort Wayne natives become the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves throughout the past five years. My philosophy is that the barbell is for men and women of all ages and the number one tool for all strength and fitness goals. The science is conclusive that we need strength training and exercise MORE as we age. Strength training being a “young man’s game” is an outdated idea and it is now more clear than ever that it is a necessary prerequisite for health and longevity.

One of the things I specialize in is teaching and coaching proper, safe, and efficient biomechanics and movement patterns. Learning proper lifting technique is essential to any long term progress or success in the gym. Let me help you in taking your health and fitness to the next level. I would like to one client at a time put an end to America’s poor health pandemic!

Derrek Eby

Personal Trainer

Hi! I’m Derrek Eby, I own and operate Hercules Nutrition & Training. I am a Nutrition Specialist & Elite Level Trainer based out of Fort Wayne Indiana. From growing up overweight and unhappy desperate for change, to becoming a near decade long veteran of the Coaching, Training, & Fitness World. This is more than just a career path to me, this is a journey I share as well. Through my journey I have became deeply passionate about helping people gain confidence and self love while earning the body and health they deserve. At Hercules Nutrition & Training we believe in gaining quality of life through enjoyable proper nutrition, intelligently built workout plans, and mental wellness steps along the way. Whether you want to be a champion bodybuilder, lean out and lose that unwanted stomach fat, or simply move healthier and feel better, We have the path for you. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Join the Hercules Community today!

Instagram: @hercules_training

Bryan Hemp

Personal Trainer

My name is Bryan Hemp.
I am an ACE certified personal trainer and began group fitness training and personal training in 2015 in the California desert of the Coachella Valley. Throughout the years, I have helped transform hundreds of people's lives through 6-Week Transformation programs.
In 2017 I worked for the Biggest Loser Resort, which was directly affiliated with the hit TV show ``The Biggest Loser.`` I was afforded the opportunity to coach incredibly influential people from around the globe, including A-list celebrities.
I am a new resident of Fort Wayne and attending North Manchester University to attain a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Athletic Training. I am on track to finish my studies by 2025.
Since being introduced to the fitness industry, I am certain my purpose in life is impacting lives through my dedication to clients' results, safety and well-being.

Sarah Moore

Personal Trainer

My name is Sarah! I’m a certified personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, strongman competitor, self defense instructor, and a busy mom!

My fitness journey began 10 years ago at almost 300lbs. Taking control of my health and losing 130lbs inspired my passion for fitness and a need to share that passion with as many people as I can. I’ve maintained that weight loss for over a decade through many different seasons of life, and that has shaped my approach to personal training. I want to help you to find joy in fitness, and a new appreciation for your body by focusing on what you can do and how wildly capable you are, without taking time away from your family or adding a hundred things to your already busy schedule!

I truly believe that fitness is for everybody in every body, and with certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and corrective exercise I’ve been able to make that belief a reality for hundreds of clients over the last 10 years. Let’s set some goals and chase some dreams!

Leanne Mastej

Personal Trainer

Hi I’m LeAnne! I’ve always had a passion for fitness from soccer to dancing. I believe there’s no time like the present to start a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are new to lifting or have been out of the gym for a couple years I can get you right back on track. I love helping clients achieve healthy goals. I’m ISSA certified, certified glute specialist, and studying for nutrition. A firm believer of a body in motion stays in motion!
Cell: 586-596-0360